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Why You Shouldn't Work Out After A Facial, From Skin Experts

Why You Shouldn't Work Out After A Facial, From Skin Experts

It's important to give your skin the time it needs to heal and thrive after facial treatments. In a recent article, by Mind Body Green, I delved into a crucial aspect of post-facial care: the optimal timing for resuming high-intensity exercise and sweat-inducing activities; waiting 24 to 48 hours before engaging in such activities to allow your skin to recover fully. During this period, your skin is in a sensitive state, prone to irritation, flushing, and potential breakouts. Additionally, the sweat produced during intense workouts can strip away the moisture your skin needs to heal from any micro-injuries incurred during the facial treatment.

"Most treatments have elements of steam and cryotherapy to heat and cool down the skin, [so] continuing that process of heat with a workout can be too much in one day and cause inflammation and further sensitize the skin," explains licensed esthetician and founder of Root + Glow facial spa Melissa Croff.



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